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Woodland Hills drug rehab

What's different about our Woodland Hills drug rehab center? At White House Recovery and Detox, we take a different approach to how we treat our patients. Most of the people we treat are executives and high-profile individuals who fall through the cracks of traditional drug rehab centers in that traditional drug treatment programs do not work for them or fit their needs. For example, not everyone can afford to put their lives and businesses on hold long enough to check themselves into a 30 to 90-day drug treatment program. That's where White House Recovery and Detox comes in.

At White House Recovery and Detox, we recognize that executives are indispensable assets to their families and organizations. Further, we know that it is healthy and conducive to recovery for an adult to work. This is why White House Recovery and Detox promotes a work-treatment drug rehab program in Woodland Hills. You want to be able to work, and we want you to work. Bring your laptop or use our computers. 

5 Benefits of Our Woodland Hills Drug Rehab Center

When choosing a rehab center for treatment, it's important to keep in mind that not all drug treatment facilities and programs are created equally. Here are five reasons why you might want to consider White House Recovery and Detox:

1. Don't Choose Between Work and Getting the Help You Need

We've already touched on this benefit, but it is important to reiterate. With most Woodland Hills drug rehabs, you either choose your recovery or your livelihood. White House Recovery and Detox allows you to get the help you need while continuing to work and run your business.

2. We Provide Customized Treatment Plans

Just as no two drug rehab centers are identical, neither are the staff who run these facilities. At White House Recovery and Detox, we have a world-class addiction treatment staff that knows how to custom-tailor treatment plans according to the specific needs of each patient.

3. We Provide Holistic Treatment

Rather than treating the symptoms of addiction, as most modern drug rehab centers do, White House Recovery and Detox treats the whole person. We provide comprehensive treatment, focusing on the individual's exercise, nutrition, nature time, and stress management.

4. Family Therapy is Encouraged

With most drug rehabs in Woodland Hills, when a person checks themselves in to receive help for addiction, they are isolated from the loved ones. Many rehabs even prohibit their patients from making personal phone calls or having visitors. At White House Recovery and Detox, we believe that family is the best support group our patients will ever have. When and where healthy and appropriate, we encourage family involvement, visits, and even family therapy.

5. White House Recovery and Detox is a Private Rehab

We understand that your position within your organization and community is important to you. You can rest assured that your privacy and anonymity are completely safe when you receive treatment at White House Recovery and Detox. Contact us today to learn more: 855.218.7588.

Woodland Hills drug rehab
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