Post Renovation & Construction Cleaning Services Vancouver

Post Construction Cleanup – We’ll Clean Up & Perfect What You’ve Built.

After you’ve spent an incredible amount of time, effort and money to complete your renovation project, wouldn’t it be great to truly get rid of all the dust & debris?

Your contractors are extremely skilled tradesman that are in high demand. Their hourly rates must be expensive. But… do they really make the best cleaners? Is having them clean the site an efficient use of resources?

Let our Angel Heart cleaning specialists take care of the site cleanup. Our professionally trained housekeepers are efficient & reliable. We ensure the home will be dust free and exquisitely polished. Our team pays close attention to the details and takes care of items others might miss. We’ll bring all supplies and equipment needed for the job.

Let your guys get back to working on what they do best, your next construction project. We’ll clean up and perfect what you’ve built.

Our Guardian Angel Guarantee

If you have any concerns, or frustrations we will follow up with you within 24 hours via a phone call, email or text message. We promise a respectful dialog. Our Angels will dedicate time to work with you to solve any issues if necessary. We value all our customers.

Meet The Owner Emillie Mendoza

My passions include making the world a better place by giving back to the community and promoting products that help protect the planet & animals. My team and I obsessive about cleaning and that reflects in our work. We love to clean so you don't have to.  I look forward to connecting with you.

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Angel Heart’s

Cleaning Services:

✓ Professional Housekeepers
✓ Background & Reference Checked
✓ Interviewed & Tested
✓ Professionally trained
✓ Passed our Practical Cleaning Training
✓ Bonded & Insured
✓ Reliable & Trustworthy
✓ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
✓ Cleaners bring all supplies and equipment

Greener is Cleaner!

We ONLY Use Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Products.

We only use award winning products that are non-hazardous, 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This is at no extra cost to you as we use them in every home we clean. You can rest easy knowing Angel Heart is working hard keeping the environment, your pets, and most importantly your family safe. Learn more about Live For Tomorrow.

Avoid the health risks!

Our green cleaning products eliminate allergens and irritants that could trigger asthma symptoms or have adverse health effects. We care about your health as well as the environment. Angel Heart’s team is dedicated to creating a healthy, flourishing and safe environment for generations to come!

Are you looking for a dependable green cleaning service? Look no further than Angel Heart cleaning services. Green cleaning that is effective and will make your home sparkle.


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