Angel Heart Heathcare

Covid Safely Plan

We Are Sick Of Covid Too!

This is how we are keeping our clients and home care assistants safe.

Prior to entering the home and before each shift, the employee answers a COVID-19 screening questionnaire to ensure they are not displaying any COVID symptoms. Once clear, they may proceed to enter client’s home.

Employees and guests are to wash or sanitize hands on a regular basis.

Masks to be worn by employees and guests for the full duration of of visit.

Personal belongings are left by the door.

Clients are also asked COVID-19 screening questions when employee enters their home.

If there are any visitors, they will also be asked COVID-19 screening questions and will be asked to maintain 2m distance and wear a mask (if possible).

Goggles/gloves/apron used for personal care and shower/bath assist.

Employees to report any changes noticed to client condition or if COVID-19 symptoms are noticed at any time during their shift.